Modern music industry is rich not only real hits , but also major scandals involving accusations of plagiarism.
Cases when artists compositions notice strange creatures in their own motives , but it also happens that someone simply steals someone else’s fame.
With such an unpleasant incident was forced to face a well-known poet and songwriter Sergey Pereverzev . His unsuspecting team not so long ago I heard a familiar melody on television . Just a few chords , it became clear : the ensemble ” Russian Song”, which is the artistic director of Hope Babkin , performed exactly the song ” Daisies ” .
– My team watched a concert with the ensemble ” Russian Song”, suddenly they have to perform our music. The credits were written the words and music people , but it’s true! – Told songwriter Christian Torres. – In addition, the text has been altered mediocre work, the author of which I am . We did not give consent to the use of a musical work this team . The first performers of the song ” Daisies ” are actress and singer Angelica Volskaya Sergey Pereverzev .

According to the artists collective Hope Babkin overstepped the line of the law, violating Article 1226 of the Civil Code of th “The right to inviolability and protection of works of distortion ” , and should be punished .
In accordance with the law for unauthorized use of a work collective folk singer will have to pay damages in the amount of 1 million rubles – such sum designated musicians in his petition .

Natural healing through music and natural sounds provided by

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How to choose a guitar case?

Holster or case is a very important accessory for any guitar that will keep it safe and sound , and protect against damage during transportation or shipping. Therefore, in this short article and will talk about how to choose a guitar case . It’s no secret that the new tool to protect and treat it carefully. This is especially important for those who have acquired a new and expensive guitar , which was the dream for a long time . Even if you have a budget model , it too should keep at least that , in future, you can successfully sell. Therefore the choice of cover no less important issue that should be taken quite seriously.

The main purpose of the cover – a tool to protect against external environmental influences that affect both the appearance of the guitar , and on her work and sound. In addition to this bag is perfect for storing switching , effects pedals or processor , power supply unit , but in a small pocket, for example, can be stored mediators .
Depending on the destination , guitar cases are divided into several types , among which are:
Heat-resistant . Protect the guitar from the high / low temperature .
Water-resistant . Protect the instrument from falling to moisture .
Mechanical . Such Instrument Case have resistance characteristics . Resistant to external impacts.

Most severe cases , these are divided into three types:
Soft . These covers are mainly made ​​of practical materials created a synthetic based . The main objective of this cover – protection of the guitar from dust, temperature changes and minor damage. The advantages include a low cost and light weight .
The semi-rigid . Such cases do not concede soft practicality , but it can protect your guitar from damage due to impact or falls. For the price they are more expensive, and in weight a little more.
Hard . These covers can be attributed trunks and cases that are already able to maximally protect your guitar from all the negative factors that can damage it . Of the shortcomings can be identified large size , weight and high price. They are made from plastic trunks , leather or wood. The guitar in such a case is extremely uncomfortable to wear , be prepared to back pain .

Of course, it is best to cover purchase simultaneously with the guitar , especially if the size and shape is not standard or any unusual . And if you still do not get it done right , then if you then go to the store, do not forget to take a guitar that is already in place to try on her case.
If far from the shop , you can put on some soft guitar bag to her not to damage or borrow a friend’s bag at a time, until you buy a personal one.
To keep the guitar at home, you would be the best soft case . But if you decide to take a trip to the guitar or just go out with her on the street , then there is an ideal option would certainly be more dense cover or case.
In the winter, it is not recommended immediately get the guitar out of the case as soon as you come off the street in order to avoid condensation. It is better to wait about 20-30 minutes to guitar had time to warm up to room temperature.
That’s all, I wish you a successful purchase! I’m sure by now you do not get confused when choosing guitar case . Good luck to you !

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Rolling Stones lead the line-up Glastonbury

Rock veterans The Rolling Stones will be one of the headliners of the UK’s biggest music festival in the open air Glastonbury, which will be held this summer in the county of Somerset. For the participation of legendary rockers confirmed the organizing committee of the festival, announcing recently a full line-up Glastonbury Festival 2013 .
Rumors about the performance of The Rolling Stones began to run at the end of 2012, but until now the parties involved preferred to remain silent.
Glastonbury Festival 2013 will take place from 26 to 30 June at the traditional site Worthy Farm. The Rolling Stones concert will finish at Pyramid Stage on June 29. This is the first appearance of the ” Rolling Stones ” at Glastonbury in their entire 50 -year history.
The scope of the festival shows a scattering of names of star performers who will be performing at 8 of its major scenes. In addition to The Rolling Stones, as headliners announced Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons, Primal Scream, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Elvis Costello (Elvis Costello), Professor Green, Dizzee Rascal, Portishead, Smashing Pumpkins, Alt-J, The XX , Alabama Shakes, Foals , etc. – only about 300 artists and bands.
Recall that in 2012, the year Glastonbury was not carried out because of the Olympic Games. Discarded for sale 135,000 tickets for this year’s festival were sold out within an hour and 40 minutes.
Returning to The Rolling Stones, note that the group is rumored to be preparing for the anniversary tour in the United States. At the end of 2012, the rockers played a series of concerts in the UK and overseas – and the demand for tickets exceeded supply order .

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the winners receive plaques

I am web developer. Our company is engaged in manufacturing and support websites for many different organizations and companies . The staff of our office are young people , men and women . The whole team is full of strength and energy, but because of the repetitive work on the computer , we do not get good fun. So we decided to make a weekend soccer tournament among IT companies in our city.

We have decided to become organizers of the competition . We wanted to do everything to make our events look like real Olympic Games or the World Cup. We decided to hold this event at the highest level.

First we have bought the platform for a winning team . We also bought a large crystal goblet and plaques for the team championship . We also bought a medal for all private teams taking first, second and third place. We also bought a special award plaques for coaches all the teams that will participate in this tournament.

The tournament lasted for 2 months. It was attended by 24 teams from our city, and 8 teams from neighboring towns. All matches held in a tense struggle. In the final there were the two best teams .

After all the matches we found out the champion of our city among IT companies. This team won the main cup of crystal and gold medals. Of course, the medals were not of real gold , but were very similar to the real thing. The team that won the second place received ” silver ” medal , and the third place – ” bronze ” medal.

During the event , the organizers have decided to reward the most active fans . These people have personal plaques with their names.

Teams and fans have been very pleased with the results of the tournament . We want to hold this competition every year. We want to hold competitions not only in football, but also basketball and table tennis .

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Florida Georgia Line Donates to Second Harvest

Florida Georgia Line Donates to Second Harvest

Florida Georgia Line Donates to Second Harvest

Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard made a charitable donation to the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville. The Country music duo, Florida Georgia Line has teamed up with the Hard Rock Café in providing relief for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

The name of Florida Georgia Line’s concert tour is taken from the pairs debut album, ‘Here’s to the Good Times’, which was released in December 2012. Their single ‘Cruise’ is primarily the source of the album being certified Gold in the U.S. ‘Cruise’ preceded the album and was released in August 2012. Other singles include “Get Your Shine On,” and “Round Here.”

Brian and Tyler donated instruments and clothing items featured in their “Get Your Shine On” music video to the Hard Rock’s famed memorabilia collection. During this time, they shot a video at the Hard Rock Cancun in Mexico and performed a special concert for fans on the property.

Florida Georgia Line made their debut back in 2010. Their first album was released in December 2010 with all their songs written by Hubbard or both Hubbard and Kelley. The pair won the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2013 for both the New Vocal Duo or Group of the Year and the New Artist of the Year and the CMT Music Awards in 2013 for Duo Video of the Year and Breakthrough Video of the Year for their single ‘Cruise’. They were nominated for eight other awards including Billboard Music Awards, CMT Music Awards and Teen Choice Awards. The duo has been touring with Luke Bryan and will start headlining their own tour beginning on October 3, 2013. Colt Ford will be joining them for most of their concert dates. Ford is a country music singer and a former professional golfer.
Other supporting bands for this year’s Florida Georia Line tour will be Tyler Farr and Dallas Smith. The duo is thrilled to be doing their own headline tour and can’t wait for the first night with one of them saying “this is a dream come true”. Make sure to secure your tickets early for this award winning band, they are sure to please all their fans.

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The Rolling Stones announced the release of a new live release, this is reported on the official web site.
The basis of the live album , called «The Rolling Stones Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live» entered material recorded during a sold-out concerts at London’s famous Hyde Park , which took place in July of this year.

“It was a great show against the background of the setting sun in Hyde Park . I could not think of a better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones, than to address the 100000th audience on the home site ! I am very glad that we did it , “- said Mick Jagger .
The release will come in the formats DVD, Blu-ray, 2CD, LP and gift Delux- version containing all of the above formats plus a 60 -page booklet . «The Rolling Stones Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live» will go on sale on November 11 of this year.
In late July, The Rolling Stones released the audio version of the concert in Hyde Park in the form of a live- album «Live In Hyde Park». The release was only available in digital format at the online store iTunes.
The Rolling Stones concert in London’s Hyde Park were 6 and 13 July 2013 as part of the tour “50 & Counting», dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the group . In these concerts attended by invited guests – Eric Clapton , Jeff Beck, Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen , Lady GaGa, Florence Welch (Florence The Machine), Gwen Stefani (No Doubt), Win Butler (Arcade Fire), Katy Perry , Mary J. Blige and Gary Clark Jr. .

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The new name in music : Pale









Nostalgia for the 80s
Under the heading ” New Name “, dedicated to the most interesting and promising young musicians , Buro 24/7 Ukraine talks about the British duo Pale, which plays music at the junction of sexual pop – funk in the spirit of early Prince and lightweight electronic dance inspired by their idols Simian Mobile Disco. That’s just all sounds much more cold and aloof because melancholic guys put on a cloudy atmosphere urbanistichno London.
Sometimes it seems that the music Pale too many analog synthesizers and classic bits from the 80’s , because the genre studied far and wide , and its revival is over, but the four songs that now there is a group – full hits with an appropriate amount auditions. The question is whether the Pale will record a full album of the same level .
In the first eight months of the Pale had already porazogrevat Hot Chip and hard to make friends with Jessie Ware ; their single entered the UK Top 20 and was broadcast all local radio stations.
Pale supports label Neon Gold, who is able to sense the new heroes of those who somehow works with the 80-mi , and in general what role, in which the act Pale, now still in high demand – that the road from clubs to stadiums will be short , no doubt.

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My first piano

After watching the movie “The Pianist” I decided to pursue music – playing the piano. I understand that this is not a simple task. And this is not the cheapest hobby. I could choose. I knew that a new piano I do not need it, because it is very expensive and is not yet able to fully appreciate all the virtues. which can be obtained from the new piano. So I started picking is not a new piano. I looked at a lot of sites that sell the piano. My choice fell on the site On this site I saw moel M Sketch 1014A “Chippendale” and I fell in love with this model. At first I loved the Steinway Prices. I was ecstatic. When I saw with my own eyes how it looks piano, it was the invention of art. It sounded divine. This piano was made in 2004. It was repaired and began to sell. Now I’m learning to play I love it. I am very sorry that had not previously engaged in playing the piano. I’ve been 3 times a week. Come to my house and we have been a tutor for 2 hours.

It’s been 6 months since I bought the piano. I feel like I have much better play the piano, but I understand that I still have room to grow. And I still admire the wonderful film “The Pianist”

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Street pianos New York

In our world, anything can happen and that’s one of the interesting stories. Our Luke Jeryl – an artist who, like everyone else loves the beauty of art. And the soul of his art, though the British. And suddenly it came the thought: but what are strangers who do not communicate? What prevents a heart to heart talk when there is free time to sing something from the heart, listen to good music … Then one day Luke brought into the courtyard, where used to sit to rest, old piano, and without ads became more down just to play for passersby and tourists on the benches. And to many it is to your liking. Was himself quietly humming favorite songs to the music, and the residents of the house caught … And then like in the movies: began to gather in the courtyard of the tenants together to sing, play the instruments, sincerely talk. And the idea was born – to collect all the world to such a tremendous group of singing in the yard. And this idea has been called the name of “Sing for Hope.” That’s how the piano came into the yard. Rather not piano, and a piano. Or rather not in the yard, and in public places – in parks, city squares, railway stations, bridges, but just on the street. About this event, many newspapers have written article.

It is worth the piano itself, and the inscription: “Play for Me. I – yours. ” Street pianos have become thanks to the initiative group street pianos New York from , collected our Luke – people simply gave up their instruments. For a good cause is not sorry. Since 2008, Luke and his guys have already installed the 167 instruments across the globe. Such shares were a great success, first in London, then in Sydney, then in Barcelona, ​​then were held in Sao Paulo, but now this action is taking place in New York City. If in London managed to put on the street, only 30 instruments, the New York simply had to surpass Europe: 60 pianos to all corners of the city is decorated! Why decorate? And because the piano is not just themselves, and who wants to – fit and playing, and who wants to – come up and sing to the music or just freeze in the crowd to the sounds of great music. And something will happen to him at this point amazing. And the crowd, he just did not understand (why are there so many people), it will be for the Company of Men and Music … Not everyone can understand. Since you’ve already seen the sad experience of the reverse reaction of people to the music. The great violinist Joshua Bell modernity tried to play in the subway. And that no one appreciated. And this is not someone performs, and the approach and performed himself. Come and sing. Participate sing along, just listen. Because these piano decorate the city. Each instrument is unique as a person. Luc Jerome was the first who painted his instrument to his court in bright colors. And for the parade grand pianos for the honor of paint tool – fighting. Piano instructor for the U.S. action in the street Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora got hold of a really good and talented designers and sculptors. So what is in front of you is not just a piano, a work of art. 15 contestants, designers at the end of the action will be fighting for first place. I think that the first place will Sofia Matisse, great-granddaughter of Henri Matisse. The action began on June 20 and runs until July 5.

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Ukrainian girl – DJ Amely, conquered Asia

Ukrainian girl – DJ Amely, conquered Asia, will represent Ukraine at the prestigious Asian festival of electronic music.

Recently, Taiwan hosted the grand festival of electronic music HENNESSY ARTISTY. This is one of the most famous and large-scale events in the club culture in Asia and a significant event in the entertainment world. HENNESSY ARTISTY series of parties have become a tradition in America, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Nigeria .. Many stars from around the world annually perform at these festivals as guests.

This year, Taiwan’s musical horizon glowed star Ukraine. Europe was the only representative of our compatriot, fragile girl with a fantastic energy and talent, Svetlana Kebernik, better known under the clubbers capital especially creative pseudonym DJ Amely.
In addition to performing on the dance floor, numerous press conferences and interviews DJ Amely introduced its own official remix of almost the most popular Asian singer DELLA, who also took part in the festival.
The presentation was so successful that HENNESSY ARTISTY signed to Amely, and in October and in December, she will return to Asia and will be the almost legendary festival as OFFICIAL DJ HENNESSY ARTISTY.
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